Architectural Coatings 2D & 3D


Self-adhesive PVC Coatings

Self-adhesive coverings made by fusion of PVC layers, very resistant and malleable, perfect for the renovation and restoration of furniture, walls, pillars, elements decorative… Suitable to be applied on practically any surface. An effective and quality solution.

Coatings 2D and 3D

Wall tiles inspired by original textures, with organic and natural shapes. Two-dimensional. Three-dimensional. For exterior and interior, with a variety of finishes. Symmetry, harmony, singularity. Light, water-repellent, they provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Practical and easy to install and clean. Made with a special and exclusive polymer. Installation to measure. Headboards, mirrors, blinds… in practically any object applicable to architecture. Special pieces in any material.

Architectural and Decorative Lattices

Adapted to the needs of each space. For exterior and interior. Wide variety of designs. Made of stainless steel, aluminum, composite panel, expanded PVC, DM and iron. Installation to measure. Separation of environments, decorative cladding, false ceilings, facades and exteriors, fences and railings, terraces, pergolas, architectural elements, etc. From three scale patterns and fifteen different plots.

Metallic Skins and Perforated Panels

To be installed mainly on the facades of singular buildings for tertiary and industrial use, as well as in roof cladding.In contemporary architecture, the use of metal enclosures is frequent, achieving suggestive results and features. These solutions provide the project with aesthetic qualities and regulate the solar energy input. In addition, the veil effect of an extensive perforation maintains privacy inside and regulates light on the facades glazed. In residential, metal skins are also used in lattices or in strips for ventilation, as sun protection and concealment of holes in semi-basements, garages and technical floors.

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