Metallic Skins and
Perforated Panels

To be installed mainly on the facades of singular buildings for tertiary and industrial use, as well as on roof cladding. In contemporary architecture, the use of metallic envelopes is frequent, achieving suggestive results and features. These solutions provide the project with aesthetic qualities and regulate the solar energy contribution strong>. In addition, the veil effect of an extensive perforation maintains privacy inside and regulates light on glass facades. In residential, metal skins are also used in lattices or in strips for ventilation, as protection solar and concealment of holes in semi-basements, garages and technical floors. There are multiple perforation patterns depending on the effect to be achieved. The perforation, made with numerical control technology, can be uniform or random, according to designs of specific images or random perforations that the client can create. You can also provide us with a percentage of perforation and we will design the tray.


The perforated ones can be manufactured in aluminum, pre-lacquered aluminium, anodized aluminium, galvanized steel, pre-lacquered steel, stainless steel and Cor-Ten steel. We can lacquer them with powder paint in the desired RAL colour. The thicknesses of the trays range between 0.8 and 3 mm. In some cases, the dimensions determine the selection of the thickness of the material. We can manufacture trays with a maximum length of up to 6,000 mm.

Cor-Ten steel
COR Line Treatment

The COR line range has been conceived since its inception to achieve the oxidation of Cor-Ten steel in the shortest time possible, without thereby must give up a finish of exceptional quality, with a high degree of durability and low maintenance, also offering high resistance to atmospheric agents.

Cor-Ten steel, properly treated with COR line products, does not produce dripping or rust stains due to the effect of rain, humidity, etc. > It is possible to paralyze the perpetual oxidation process, thus avoiding problems of rust staining, which are easily noticeable under other Cor-Ten steel structures. COR Line is the highest quality treatment for oxidizing Cor-Ten steel. Have.

DOTS finish

In DOTS the drawings are configured by multiple grouped holes, manufactured using punching technology.

These solutions provide the project with aesthetic qualities and regulate solar energy input. In addition, the veil effect of extensive perforation maintains interior privacy and regulates light in glass enclosures .

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