Self-adhesives PVC coatings

INFEEL self-adhesive PVC coverings represent a revolution for the creation of all types of environments. In its wide range, we find 8 series with more than 100 patterns with smooth and textured finishes. Wood, leather, wicker, marble… ideal for decorating or renovating any space. Cladding made by fusion of PVC layers that guarantee resistance to rubbing and abrasion, easy to clean, fire retardant… with a simple and quick installation can be created >new spaces or renovate without the need for major works. Its thermoformable capacity makes it completely moldable and adapt to the shape you want to cover, making it the perfect ally for the restoration or renovation of furniture. In addition, as they are self-adhesive, they facilitate their installation, ensuring an impeccable finish. Suitable for applying to any surface: wood, cement, paint, tiles…

Advantages and benefits

They offer a durable and quality solution for both commercial premises, hotels or public places with high traffic, as well as for homes.


  • Installation free of dirt, dust and noise.
  • Possibility of on-site installation.
  • Minimum application time.
  • Decreases raw material costs.
  • Can be applied over other coatings.

  • Quality and durability

  • Maximum durability.
  • Manufactured under strict standards
    of international security.
  • Performance and durability tested.

  • Easy to manipulate

  • Easy to install, maintain and clean.
  • Allows you to cover and decorate.

  • High resistance

  • Resistance to stains, abrasion, scratches and impacts.
  • Resistance to heat, humidity or cold.

  • Maximum adherence

  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility.
  • Adapts to smooth surfaces,
    straight or curved.

  • Certifications

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